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This is How Atlanta Property Managers Help Property Owners Become Better Landlords

The real estate industry can be a challenging landscape to navigate, especially if you want to make it as a rental property owner. There are a lot of ups and downs you encounter in your journey towards becoming a successful landlord and the management of your property is just one of them. How effective your property management skills are determines whether or not you can achieve your target return on investment.

If you own rental property, it is possible that you have interacted with a property manager before. If you have not hired one yet, you may have doubts about the credibility of property management companies, how they can help you realize your investment goals—and ultimately, how they can help you to become a better landlord.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at Atlanta property management companies to learn more about how they can help you to better manage your rental properties.

What Marketing Benefits do You Enjoy From Working With a Property Management Company?

What Marketing Benefits do You Enjoy From Working With a Property Management Company

It is obvious that there are some property owners that are not quite hands-on and prefer outsourcing some elements of property management such as responding to maintenance calls, managing expenses, and collecting rental income. Property management companies can handle all these tasks and provide a number of marketing benefits.

Detailed Tenant Screening Process

Any reputable property management service is experienced enough to identify red flags in an application. This helps them get quality tenants that can be relied upon to make timely rent payments, stay in your property for a long time, treat rental units with respect, and cause few problems generally.

Before they ever begin screening tenants, your property manager will also help ensure that your property listings are attracting better renters. With more marketing reach, your property manager has the ability to get your listing on top sites where it will reach the eyes of more prospective tenants, ensuring you aren’t left stuck with the wrong one. And, they’ll help you to take better listing photos to allow your property to stand out in the crowd.

Lower Chances of Legal Issues

A single troublesome tenant can cause huge legal and financial issues. An experienced property manager has the knowledge and tools to navigate the tenant-landlord laws hence they are never vulnerable to any potential legal proceedings. By hiring an Atlanta property management company, investment property owners can save the money they would have spent on lawsuits.

Lower Tenant Turnover

Property managers know exactly how to keep a tenant happy. Property management services guarantee responsiveness and availability to address any issues instantly which can be a delight for tenants. Happy tenants are less likely to move out and can easily accept rent increases provided that they are reasonable.

They also handle vacancies in a great way to ensure that they do not stay vacant for long. They take on the responsibility of repairing the parental units through cosmetic improvements that can increase rental income. They also optimize the rental rates and market the property effectively.

Does Your Property Need a Property Manager?

Does Your Property Need a Property Manager

Whether or not you need to hire a property manager is one of the biggest decisions any landlord can make. Although you may manage the property on your own, there comes a time when you need professional assistance and that is when an Atlanta property manager comes in. If you fall in any of the categories below, you may need the services of a property management company:

  • You have a chain of rental properties or units.
  • You live far from your rental investments.
  • You are not interested or have little time for hands-on property management.
  • You can afford to pay for the services of a property manager.
  • The property management tasks have outgrown your capabilities.
  • You do not want to employ a resident manager.
  • You are a participant in the affordable housing program.

Tips for Handling Troublesome Tenants

Tips for Handling Troublesome Tenants

The truth is that the world we live in is far from perfect. If you own rental property, you may have to put up with problematic tenants that skip rent payments or damage your property. Dealing with them can be quite challenging but the following tips can be quite handy:

  • Document every bit of communication between you and your tenants.
  • Set a specific standard for your expectations with regard to their behavior, rent payments, and any other issues.
  • Look at things from the tenant’s perspective and show a willingness to compromise in cases where there are compelling reasons.
  • Understand the law.
  • Hire a property manager.

How Can a Property Manager Help You Grow Your Portfolio?

How Can a Property Manager Help You Grow Your Portfolio

Establishing and managing an ever-expanding portfolio of properties guarantees increased passive income. However, this can be difficult to guarantee without professional assistance. The most effective way to grow your portfolio and expand your investment is by leveraging their knowledge and experience of a property management company. But how are you going to benefit from working with one? Here are some of the ways a property manager can help you expand your portfolio:

  • They take care of all the numbers to make sure that they understand the market, establish the potential income and expenses, and set a budget for smart upgrades.
  • They help you stay objective.
  • They make recommendations from the tenant’s point of view meaning that any upgrades or acquisitions you invest in are going to help you increase the rental income.

Common Mistakes Made by DIY Landlords

One thing you need to be prepared for if you are a property owner is to learn from your mistakes. It is easy to assume that managing your property won’t be a challenge but it often turns out to be much more difficult than expected. Below are some of the most common mistakes landlords make:

  • Not knowing the ideal amount to charge
  • Ignoring the need for maintenance
  • Failing to evict troublesome tenants
  • Underestimating potential expenses
  • Having personal relationships with tenants
  • Failing to conduct background checks
  • Failing to collect rent on time
  • Failing to do property inspections
  • Using generic rental agreements
  • Failing to research on the local market
  • Not considering the benefits of allowing pets in rental properties

How Professional Managers Can Help With Professional Tenants

A professional tenant is an individual that makes a living by looking for loopholes and exploiting the system. It is important to avoid this kind of tenant before they sign any rental agreement as it can be a challenge to evict them from the property. The best way to do this is by hiring a property manager.

Professional Atlanta property managers have a rigorous screening process that enables them to spot any red flags early and close the door on any professional tenant that can cause you trouble in the future. Property managers also stay up to date with the property laws and regulations which makes it easy for them to get rid of professional tenants without breaking any laws.

Traits of a Good Property Manager

Traits of a Good Property Manager

Although a property manager is an important investment for any property owner, they can turn out to be a thorn in the shoe if you do not find the right one. The wrong property manager can result in legal problems and increased expenses. Below are some of the things you need to look for in an Atlanta property manager to make sure that you are making the right choice for your investment.

  • Impeccable organization skills
  • Quality social skills
  • Bookkeeping knowledge
  • Effective time management
  • Reliable follow-up skills
  • Firmness
  • Experience with industry technology
  • Flexibility
  • A wide network of trade contracts
  • Marketing skills
  • Responsiveness
  • Ability to understand the needs and means of different people

Hiring an Atlanta Property Manager

Hiring an Atlanta Property Manager

Hiring an Atlanta property manager can help you improve your own skills as a property owner, and give you the tools you need to keep your renters happy, your units in top condition, and profits coming in.


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