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Different Classes Of Landlords

Different Classes Of Landlords     Before we start here, we want to say that what lies ahead may be controversial. In fact, we want to talk about something most property managers refuse to discuss in public. We want to talk about the different landlord types we come across and grade them from good to bad. Like we said, it’s controversial.

Think of Your Atlanta Area Rental Property as an Investment

Think of Your Atlanta Area Rental Property as an Investment     As a landlord, how do you think of your rental property? If you’re thinking of it as a home rather than an investment, you’re making a mistake. What does your rental property mean to you? That’s not a trick question at all. It’s a vital question, one that can make the difference between making money and losing money. Let me explain. You’re a hands-on landlord. You want to oversee what’s going on in your home, from handling repairs to checking on the state of the garden.

GTL Company Structure & Your Points of Contact

GTL Company Structure & Your Points of Contact     Video Transcript: Hi, Todd Ortscheid here with GTL Real Estate. In this video I wanted to talk briefly about the structure of our company, how we have everything set up for communications for you as our client, and also just who you should be expecting to speak to at various stages of us leasing and managing your property. Because sometimes there’s some confusion on this, since you talk to one person when you sign up and sometimes you’re talking to different people later on. So we wanted to...