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Is it too late to collect what I’m owed?

Is it too late to collect what I’m owed? Sometimes we take on a new client who had a bad experience with a previous tenant who left the property owing money for either rent or repairs, and wondering whether it’s still possible to go after that money.

Remaining Rent from a Skipped/Evicted Tenant

Remaining Rent from a Skipped/Evicted Tenant We occasionally get asked by our clients if a tenant is responsible for rent after they’ve been evicted or skip out mid-lease. The simple answer is “yes.” However, as with most things where the law is involved, the simple answer doesn’t really give you the full story.

Utility Bills

Utility Bills Utility bills can be a real nightmare if the lease doesn’t cover them correctly. We frequently take over the management of a property that the owner had been paying the utilities for and then billing the tenant. Usually, the owner is having us take over because the tenant didn’t pay them for the utilities, and they don’t know what to do. There’s a very simple way to avoid this: don’t leave the utilities in your name. Unless absolutely necessary (meaning it’s physically impossible for the tenant...

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