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As a homeowner, you know all about insurance. We’re sure you protect your property with traditional, homeowner insurance. This provides peace of mind for you in case of fire, storm damage, and so on.

That’s fine, and you should protect yourself in this way, like you should have car, health, and life insurance too.

But what insurance exists for you as a landlord? As someone who rents out their property for other people to live in? Is there any specific insurance protection for you in that instance?

We’re happy to tell you yes, there is. Here at GTL Real Estate, we can now offer landlord insurance to our clients. That’s actual insurance to cover you against losses experienced from tenants.

You read that right.

So are you interested in an insurance policy designed for landlords to protect them from any losses incurred because you rented your property out to tenants? As a landlord, you ought to be.

Maybe this might sound a little weird to you at first because, well, because landlord insurance isn’t a thing in the United States. In fact, landlord insurance is rare here, although common elsewhere in the world.

We speak to property managers in Australia a lot, and landlord insurance is a normal thing down under. We want to help make landlord insurance normal here, too.

So what does it cover and who provides this landlord insurance?

Let’s answer the second part of the question first. A company called Surevestor provides our landlord insurance, with the underwriting done by a titan of the insurance industry, Lloyd’s of London. With Lloyd’s underwriting Surevestor’s landlord insurance you’re in good hands.

Another good sign is this insurance is only available to landlords who use a property management company like us.

Surevestor won’t touch individual landlords at all.

This means if you’re a landlord with Surevestor landlord insurance, Lloyd’s knows pros are looking after your property. This makes claims easier to process. In fact, we’ll handle everything for you when necessary.

So what does Surevestor Landlord Insurance cover then? What do I get?

Well, it’s easier to say what this insurance doesn’t cover if we’re honest. Survestor landlord insurance covers a lot. Too much to explain right here. But we know we have to give you some highlights, so read on.

The main reason you’re a landlord renting out your property is to receive rent, right? So the main thing Surevestor landlord insurance covers is exactly that.

There are many reasons your tenant might not pay their rent and this could be the biggest worry landlords have.

Surevestor landlord insurance takes that worry away from you. They would pay the rent to you when your tenant is not doing so.

Let’s say your tenant skips out on their lease and stops paying. With Surevestor you’ll get up to eight weeks of rent covered right there. If you have to evict your tenant, that’s up to twelve weeks of rent covered for you.

And if the tenant dies, you’ll get up to twelve weeks covered, too.

What if the absolute worst happens and your tenant gets murdered or commits suicide? Surevestor will provide up to 25 weeks of rent coverage, which allows plenty of time for the police to do what they need to do in your place, and for you to get your home ready to rent out again.

Surevestor caps this lost rent coverage at $2,000 per month. If you’re renting your place out for more than that, you might not get everything back, but something is better than nothing, right?

If you rent your place out for more than $2,000 a month, Surevestor offers a higher plan covering up to $3,000 of rent a month. Ask us for more details on that.

While talking about rent, we should also point out the minimums here.

If you rent your place out for less than $1,000 a month, you’re not eligible for this insurance – yet. We hope that changes soon, but as of now, Lloyd’s of London doesn’t have the actuary data to offer underwriting on properties renting for less than $1,000.

When they do, and are ready to underwrite the landlord insurance on these properties, we’ll let you know.

So that’s the lost rent part out of the way – arguably the most important aspect of landlord insurance.

But Surevestor offers other coverage, too, in terms of damage incurred from your tenants.

If your tenant maliciously damages your property – not unheard of during an eviction – Surevestor will cover up to $50,000 of the damage incurred. If you have a furnished place, you’ll get up to $25,000 of insurance to cover theft or damage to the contents of your property.

And Surevestor will also cover your costs in case of an eviction, to the tune of $7,000. This will help with legal fees and court costs, and they’ll also throw in an extra $600 for the sheriff’s eviction.

Another coverage is for damage upon viewing your property.

Many property managers, including us, use electronic lock boxes for would-be tenants to view a property. We’ve never had a problem with people damaging a property during a viewing, but there’s a first time for everything. If that happens, Surevestor landlord insurance will cover up to $5,000 worth of damage.

There’s a lot more, too. Surevestor will cover changing all your locks after an eviction, for example. They’ll cover damage from an emotional support animal. They’ll cover water damage. The list goes on, and like we said, too much to explain in one video. But you get the picture – this insurance is extensive.

This insurance is so extensive, we think it’s a no-brainer, especially when we tell you the cost.

You’re looking at a little less than $33 per month, or $395 per year.  

This will provide all the coverage mentioned above and then some! And the best news is there’s no deductible on anything here except for malicious damage and theft claims. And even then, we’re talking a $500 deductible. But that doesn’t apply for lost rent at all, only for malicious damage and theft.

A no-brainer.

And if you’re signed up with us to look after your rental property under our premium investor package plan, we will cover your $395 a year for Surevestor landlord insurance. That’s right, your insurance will be free of change!

For everyone else on our standard plan, you pay the $395 once per year and we will handle all the rest for you.

So how I sign up then?

Well, if you’re one of our existing clients, shoot us an email at and we’ll get things rolling for you. If you’re a prospective client, check off the box when you sign your management agreement, telling us you’re interested. Simple as that!

One final note for existing clients.

You might have some coverages listed above already because you’re signed up to our in-house Rent Protection Guarantee Program and/or our Eviction Protection Plan. If your property rents for less than $1,000 per month, we’ll keep you on these plans, because we’re unable to move you over to Surevestor.

But for everyone else who rents their property for over $1,000 and has our in-house plans, we’ll be transitioning you over to the new Surevestor plan as your 12-month contact comes up for renewal. Watch out for emails if this applies to you, and again, contact us with questions or for more info.

It’s important to tell you we’re losing money by moving you over to Surevestor. As we’re not an insurance company ourselves, we’re forbidden to make a profit on this insurance. But that’s okay – we know Surevestor Landlord Insurance takes out so much of the risk involved in renting out your home, it’s worth it to us.

We’re also convinced that once you’re signed up, you’ll think the same, too.

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