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Pallavi Kurhade

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Doing repairs yourself?

Doing repairs yourself? On occasion we get a new client who is dead set on doing his own property repairs, or having his own vendors take care of them. We certainly have no problem with this, because we generally don’t make any money on property repairs, but there are some pitfalls that owners should be aware of if you decide to go this route. First, when you’re dealing with renters, you need to worry about liability. While most tenants are not looking to make a quick buck off of a lawsuit, there are always scammers...

Georgia Security Deposit Law

Georgia Security Deposit Law One of the biggest problems that “do it yourself” landlords run into is how to handle a security deposit. Some of the biggest problems that they encounter are tenants trying to bully them into giving back money that should really be withheld for repairs, tenants threatening lawsuits or actually filing them, not knowing what documentation is required, etc. Obviously, the smartest thing for any landlord to do is to hire a professional property management firm to handle these issues so you don’t...

Property marketing is key!

Property marketing is key! All too often, potential landlords look at the cost of hiring a property manager and hesitate because they think that they can manage the property themselves and save some cash. Setting aside for a moment that the property manager will save the owner money on maintenance and repairs that will probably far exceed the minimal management fees, let’s look at the biggest element of why paying that management fee is worthwhile: time on market. The most important thing in maximizing your profitability...

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