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Central Georgia Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage and property management firm headquartered in Senoia, GA and serving all of South and North Atlanta. Currently managing over 200 residential properties for individuals, small investors, and institutional investors, we are experts in this part of the state in the property management business. We also offer management services for smaller multi-family properties, up to 30 units.

In addition to property management services, Central Georgia Realty also offers real estate sales. Whether you're a home owner looking to sell your home, an investor looking for great investment opportunities, or a buyer looking for your dream home, we can help you reach your goals.

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ALWAYS screen. No exceptions.

Todd Ortscheid - Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes a tenant prospect comes along who tries to avoid the usual screening process, and there is some sort of circumstance that tempts you to accept his or her request. Perhaps the tenant is offering to pay six months' rent up front, or perhaps you've been waiting for a while for a tenant and this person wants to move in immediately. Whatever the circumstances, NEVER rent to someone without going through the full screening process.

There are many reasons to screen tenants. It isn't just to make sure that they can afford the rent, so someone offering to pay big sums up front shouldn't dissuade you from a full screening process. Here are a few reasons that screening is still important, no matter what:

  • Some tenants are trying to cover up histories of bankruptcy filings. And we aren't talking about a legitimate Chapter 11 bankruptcy where someone just got a little over his head and needed some help. That sort of person is pretty common in the rental market. What we're talking about here is someone who habitually abuses the bankruptcy process. This sort of person files frivolous bankruptcy after frivolous bankruptcy to escape debt as a normal course of business. This can be a nightmare for a landlord, because a bankruptcy filing immediately puts a stay on any eviction proceeding until you can get an attorney to get the stay lifted.
  • Some tenants are trying to cover up criminal backgrounds. While a non-violent drug offense for carrying a little pot as a college student may not be a big deal, sometimes you turn up people who were convicted of making meth in a rental property, or who are on the sexual predators list. These are tenants that you want to avoid for obvious reasons.
  • Some tenants are covering up a long history of evictions. They hope that you'll jump on their offer of three months' rent in advance to avoid the background check, and then they won't pay anything after the three months are over. That few months of rent up front doesn't feel much better when you're fighting to evict a bad tenant a few months later.
  • Some tenants are just trying to hide their identity. Perhaps they're engaged in identity theft (a serious crime), which would flag on a background check if someone has filed a claim of stolen identity on their credit report. These people are hoping you won't check their credit so that they won't get caught.

These are just a few examples. The short answer is that it's just never a good idea to rent to someone without conducting a full background check. No matter what the circumstances, always run the check, and refuse to rent to anyone who won't accept it.

If you are tired of dealing with these issues and just want to hire a group of professionals to deal with all of this for you, give us a call or send us a message through our web site. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Reviewing the lease with the tenant

Todd Ortscheid - Thursday, September 25, 2014

One of the most important things that can be done to ensure compliance with the lease is to review it in detail with the tenant(s). It's hard to believe for many property owners, but most tenants will just sign the lease without bothering to read any of it. For those who do read it, they usually just skim the"highlights" like the monthly rent, the late fee, and scheduled rent increases. The rest of the document gets completely skipped. It's the rare tenant who actually does any due diligence in reading over the entire document and knowing what their legal obligations are.

While you may think that this isn't a big deal, since they're still responsible for whatever they sign, whether they read it or not, we find that compliance with the lease is a lot higher if the tenant knows up front what their obligations are. If they find out after the fact, after they've already incurred penalties, then they're more likely to not pay and create hassles.

In order to avoid this problem, all of our agents review the lease with the tenant in detail prior to the tenant signing and moving in to the house. We go paragraph by paragraph and explain all of the details about late rent, eviction, their responsibilities for maintenance and repairs, etc.

By doing this up front, the tenant is far more likely to comply with what the lease requires, leading to fewer headaches for the landlord and less likelihood of having to deal with it in court.

Give us a call and let us take care of all of this for you! We'll have a qualified tenant in your property in short order and take care of full management for you for a reasonable price.

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