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Welcome to Central Georgia Realty

Central Georgia Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage and property management firm headquartered in Senoia, GA and serving all of South and North Atlanta. Currently managing over 200 residential properties for individuals, small investors, and institutional investors, we are experts in this part of the state in the property management business. We also offer management services for smaller multi-family properties, up to 30 units.

In addition to property management services, Central Georgia Realty also offers real estate sales. Whether you're a home owner looking to sell your home, an investor looking for great investment opportunities, or a buyer looking for your dream home, we can help you reach your goals.

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How our blogging helps our clients

Todd Ortscheid - Friday, August 29, 2014

Sometimes we get asked why we devote time to writing blog entries for our web site. Obviously, it does take time, and time is valuable, so why spend it on a blog? Several reasons.

First, we think there is a lot of valuable information that we can give property owners through our blog. Most of our clients aren't very experienced with being landlords, so they have lots of questions about various things related to renting out their property. This blog allows us to provide a continual stream of the most up-to-date information and news on the industry, which is good to know for both our current clients and for potential clients.

Second, obviously, is our desire to grow our business. By providing quality information to prospective clients through out blog, we demonstrate that we care enough about our clients to keep them informed.

But finally, and most important to our clients, is what our blogging does to help market your property. Blogging is a very important component of what is called "search engine optimization," which is basically a fancy term for getting your web site to the top of the list in Google and other search engines. By blogging on a regular basis with good information that owners and tenants want to read, Google's search engine algorithms keep our web site higher in the rankings, which means that your property is more likely to be found by prospective tenants.

We are always working to inform our clients and to market their properties to the greatest extent possible. To learn what we can do for you, please give us a call or submit a request for more information.

Bounced Checks

Todd Ortscheid - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankfully, bounced checks are relatively rare, but we do see on average about one bounced rent check every month out of the 260+ properties that we manage. Knowing how to deal with bounced checks is an important part of making sure that a tenant doesn't feel that they can get away with not paying rent.

All of our leases include a provision that charges the tenant a $75 bounced check fee, which is in addition to the usual 10% late fee that is automatically charged after a check bounces. This serves as a deterrent, and also covers the charge that we incur from our bank so that you as the owner don't have to pay any bank charges.

Our leases also say that if a payment bounces, we have the right to refuse any further payment from the tenant in the form of a personal check. Again, this is a deterrent, but it also protects you from having to deal with a tenant who regularly bounces checks.

We also report to future landlords if a tenant bounces a check. Most property managers and apartment complexes do a tenant verification check and talk to prior landlords, so it gives us an opportunity to warn a future landlord of a bad tenant. Of course, this also serves as a deterrent to the tenant.

Obviously, with all of these deterrents, most tenants know better than to bounce a check, which is why it's so rare. But it is important to handle all of this properly to minimize the risk of receiving a bad check. Give us a call so that you can get a professional to start managing your property and taking care of these sorts of things.

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